An idea for 2020: Financial diet

What would happen if you spend one year, how about 2020, without buying absolutely NOTHING new? I obviously mean possessions, «stuff.» It doesn’t include food or utilities. I mean, don’t increase your possessions even by one.

Would you dare? Are we capable? Any wish you would leave it for the following year. Whether or not you have the money.

Not even glasses.

Not a shirt.

Not a bike (🤔)

And…what for? Why?

Well, Why not?

To give it a try

To see what happens to your finances.

If you saved the value of what you would have spent, how much would that be?

It would be easier and it would help your concentration, focus on your work. I personally spend a lot of time thinking about bicycles, accessories and clothing for bicycles. And I don’t need more of these.

And I have discovered that the bike I want already had it in the past and for wanting another «better» I sold it. After going round and round and trying new things, I end up thinking that the bike I had years ago would be my ideal bike today. Paradoxical.

Therefore, keep what you have, try to “survive” one more year with what you have, with the current pair of shoes, the clothes you have, the car you have, the house you have, the toys you have, just for next year. It would help you value more what you possess.

It would help you to be more grateful.

It would help you use your stuff better. To get the initial benefit for which they were designed. To wear them out!

And don’t worry about the economy. You will not destabilize it nor will there be a works financial crisis because of you. Sure not. There is too much population for companies to survive and the idea is so crazy that surely few will dare, and I dont have thousands of followers or readers to take this idea viral, but if you are reading it, with one or two people that give it a try , it will be enough to see how it goes.

Very complicated? It’s only 360 days. If you want to do it until November 30, no problem.

I plan to try. I don’t like the word try. But I am not able to compromise against the system. It is very strong. I like the good stuff, I value a good design. I like good things. I value the creativity of companies. I value marketing, brands, their ideas to sell more. But I want to try. It’s just freezing the subject for a year. You could only acquire something you really need because you DO NOT have it in any other form, model, brand and you really need it (such as your new planner 5.nueve). For example, I want a pair of very cool Rapha cycling shoes that came out recently. I already have Rapha shoes. I was thinking of selling them and buying the new ones, not increasing my possessions and since mine no longer look so cool compared to the new ones. But I really don’t need them. The ones I have are super comfortable. They are almost new. At the time I bought them they were equivalent in coolness to the ones I want to buy today. What if I use them more, and when I need to buy those that are available at THAT time, those that will surely be MORE cool than I want to buy today. And I am grateful for everything I have.

Be greatfull. Too important for the spirit.

We also have everything.

Make the list of all your possessions.

Make the list of all your friends.

Make the list of all your qualities.

Make the list of your biggest flaws.

Give thanks for the water.

Give thanks for the toilet paper.

Give thanks for the electric light.

Give thanks for your health.

Give thanks for the food.

Give thanks for the place where you live.

Give thanks for your conscience.

Give thanks for your senses.

Give thanks because you’re alive.

Give thanks for your family.

Give thanks every day, EVERY day.

Give thanks for your problems.

Without problems, you would be NOBODY.

Give thanks from the bottom of your heart whenever you receive.

Are we going to give it a try?

Leave your comments below.

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