The Dangers of positive thinking

It seems like a negative phrase.


But it does not matter.

They have taught us to be positive.

Only positive.

Think positive.

Have positive thoughts.

It is the idea, very logical and obvious, and nobody denies it. To go against that is to go against a strongly held collective belief. But we have to listen to both versions, to be able to progress and advance, otherwise it is easy to fall into conformity.

Yes, because by always trying to see things from the positive angle we can fall into the following:

  • It is conforming to lower levels.
  • It means giving up on reaching our potential.
  • We are in danger of being trapped in the comfort zone.

Positive and negative are sides of the same coin. They always have been. Just like the moon, with its dark side.

The important thing are the facts. Everyone puts the label on it. For me, what someone sees as negative can be positive, and vice versa.

In fact, seeing things from a negative point of view is positive, because by recognizing and showing what is bad, it is already a starting point towards improvement. The key is to acknowledge and accept what is wrong. And someone has to see it and express it, point it out. For fear of not sounding negative, we can keep quiet, and that is a mistake. Or accept mediocrity or average just for not criticizing.

It happened, for example, in Colombia when the Túnel de la Línea was “finished”.

It is a tunnel that has already been inaugurated and to date it has almost 14km to complete. It is a one-way tunnel, same as saying, half the job is missing, a job that lasted twice as long and almost seven times larger than the initial budget.

But dare to mention the mistakes so that you receive the full weight of Colombian pride. That is why we continue and will continue to be a developing country.

The “negative” contributions contribute a lot. In fact, the negative or positive label is very relative.

I can think that I am a super fit person if I compare myself to fat people. But if I compare myself to real athletes, I am the fat one. Where do we draw the line?

The negative is the starting point for correcting errors, solving problems. If nobody speaks, clarifies, complains about something, time passes and things do not improve, something that is very positive.

The definition of enlightenment according to the Buddhist religion, given as the end of suffering, is a negative definition, as it says what enlightenment is not. It is not suffering. What then remains when there is no suffering? The answer remains open.

One of the ironies of people who consider themselves super positive is that they are generally seeing the negative in others, in this case the one who criticizes the tunnel, without realizing that they are doing them an immense favor by giving them the opportunity to correct what to correct and not remain in mediocrity. If they were so positive, they would not highlight the negative and would try to see only the positive and would not say anything, because no one escapes from the thought.

Another example is that of the covid19 protocols in schools.

Many are happy that the classrooms are opening again, that the children can see their friends again, but I can’t help but think if it is worth it, considering that they must wear a mask all the time (something that has already been proven to be harmful to the brain with potential irreparable damage), in many cases without being able to leave the room, and worse, estranged from their friends. It does not make any sense. The emotional damage that will be done to children is horrible. The message is fatal. There is no reason to be happy about a tremendous return then. It is not accepting what should not be accepted. It is not negative at all.

But someone tells me: at least they are going to see their friends (positive thinking, look at the good). I really think not. Quite the opposite. What is that price to pay then? The human being I think has never been so domesticated as now, and that culture of positive thinking I think is one of the weapons against us, and not recognizing it and staying silent means going against our integrity.

We have been deceived since we were born. In almost all. It is not surprising that this paradigm of positive thinking is also part of the deception curriculum. Personally I think so. And much of that deception is driven by self-help books, preventing people from thinking for themselves and rather repeating and following like sheep the postulates of all the gurus who sell them books, courses and seminars, buying the next formula for to get out of poverty, to be successful, to be happy, to achieve financial freedom, all ideas something that everyone must discover for themselves. I think it is a business, an industry perhaps designed to domesticate man, because finally even the very name is wrong: self-help. The latter can be a very negative comment, but if it is not done we are left without thinking or questioning anything.

The only self-help book you should read is one that you write yourself.

We have to learn to think with our brain and not with that of others.

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