You cannot save a world that is unable to recognize that it has been deceived (?)

It is depressing, for me, to hear the words from friends of mine when they try to give me all the possible arguments to justify the measures of the governments, because we have reached such an extreme that it happens like when one of your favorite bands puts out a new LP, a bad one , and you look for the good side, listening to it and listening to it until you «like it», something that is positive of course.

In my case the band was once U2, when they released something called with horizon, I don’t even remember, a disaster; or also one of Incubus, disastrous, but the story in the end was the one that had to happen, you stopped listening to it, because they were crap albums far apart from the instant impact of those that were an instant hit. Good things do not require effort, but in your heart or at least mine, the thought was, it is not possible that U2 had released a bad album, but yes, it was possible, I was just not able to accept it.

Something like blind love, when one does not see what others see, something like that.

This year the same thing happens.

Only with our lives.

With our children.

A very close friend already justifies the obligation of the mask by making a simile saying that it is the same that happens in some restaurants (I only know one, only one) that force you to wear a tie if you do want to enter.

Well said.

They force you.

If and only you want to get in. And if you don’t go in, there are no consequences.

First, there are one in a million restaurants, if there will be only one in Colombia, and it is voluntary.

Second, you are free to choose where to go and to enter or not to enter.

Third, it is only something cosmetic, it does not affect your health nor does it suppose you to be a fool, because the moment comes when you take off your mask in public places, being simultaneously with a mask next to people sitting without a mask, while you wait and they allow you to take it off, one of the most absurd things. It’s a nonsensical protocol. It shows the inability of the rulers, who were ordered to “take care” of our health starting this year, only bravely, kicking and screaming.

If the politicians were concerned about your health, we would have known it for years, because there are many health problems, problems without a solution from the government; we would have already experienced it.

We go back to the beginning.

Everyone must take care of themselves. And if you are afraid, do not go out, but you have to stop, immediately, the measures that are supposedly taken out of «respect» for the other.

Where is the respect to the contrary?

If they are sure of the effectiveness of the mask they do not have to demand it for the neighbor. It is simple logic and common sense. Each one protects himself.

And so what do we do with the ICUs that are full? They would first have to demonstrate that the PCR tests are reliable. Already the president of Tanzania, Elon Musk, and the same Nobel prize creator of the test, are enough examples to discard them.

But it turns out not.

That’s how amazing it sounds.

They are not.

Second, confirm by autopsies, each of the deaths that they say have been due to covid. It is one thing to die of covid, quite another with covid.

Third, ensure that there has been treatment before it becomes complicated.

Fourth: for a long time, the human being has died. It has always been like this. People die. Of all ages.

Fifth: how many children have governments let starving to death?

Forget the new normal. All this has been written for years as the Great Reset, but it is surely one more conspiracy theory.

I have a friend who lives in Malaysia, and has a family with three children.

Malaysia has 32 million inhabitants. 360 people have died this year from covid. Yes, you read that well. 360, not 3,600, nor 36,000, three hundred.

And despite this they are in semilockdown, they cannot ride more than three people in the same car, they must go with a mask INSIDE the car (another of the current major follies), and then to be able to go out with their wife and three children, with those who live together, must do it in separate cars.

Don’t tell me that this is not stupid. Please don’t.

Then they say: we still don’t understand the virus. That is the answer. We do not understand. One year later.

Ok, so let’s wait then for an «expert» to understand it, tell us what he understood and let’s continue living.

It´s similar to food, something that we understand so perfectly that we have been looking for the best way to eat for years, with conflicting and divergent theories, in something so “simple”.

So, such an incredibly traced and orchestrated response worldwide, regardless of the amount of deaths, the size of the country, of the cases, with this type of measures does not give anything but a reason to suspect. How come not? How come the f*ckng not ?!

I have to confess that I have had my days of sadness, especially lately.

Sadness because I feel helpless seeing young children of friends of mine with allergies on their faces from wearing the masks, and despite many times in the past when I was able to tell them things, this time I did not. I am beginning to be vaccinated, but against opinions.

Sad because I see that the years of study are a waste of time, seeing that thinking is no longer worth anything.

There is not a single study where the effectiveness of masks is demonstrated.

Sad because hardly anyone knows math, or at least they don’t do the math.

In Colombia, 0.07% of the population has died from this virus, which means that the probability of being alive is 99.93%. A ridiculous number.

And despite that, people continue to defend the measures against them.

Perhaps I am already the one mentally affected with all of this.

If the human being does not wake up, then we are going to die sooner.

And about the vaccine, let’s not even talk, we leave it for another post.

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